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Require other cash that is quick? Offer your silver for money!

Require other cash that is quick? Offer your silver for money!

Why not a payday or payday loan is not the match that is right you. Or even, offer your silver for fast money alternatively. We purchase silver right here in Kansas City. And now we’ll probably spend you two to three times more for your silver than you will discover somewhere else in your community.

Are you currently wondering exactly how much your silver may be worth?

Call us at (816) 333-6800 and we’ll tell you how much we’re paying for gold that day today. Because the cost of gold fluctuates daily in line with the Global market, it is good to learn ahead of time what you could expect whenever you offer your gold. That you do not have even to head into our store; just give us a call so we’ll inform you our silver rates.

Whenever you do head into our shop, we are going to consider your gold right prior to you. We will inform you the gold weight in the Global standard of “grams”, maybe not “pennyweight”. (lots of the “we purchase gold” shops report the weight that is gold “pennyweight” then spend you according to “ounces”. We are uncertain why they are doing this except that to confuse you.)

After we weigh your silver, you will receive a penned quote in simple English that details how we came up along with your offer. (more…)